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Anna Update (Tues 14th July)

So its 48 hours since little Anna arrived with us, collapsed, dehydrated and barely alive… just look at her now!!!

Often people can be concerned about our palliative cats’ quality of life. Palliative care is not always about facing end of life. It is about providing the best life when living with an illness that cannot be cured.

We are not “waiting for Anna to die”, we are waiting for her to feel better so that her life will be full of enrichment, quality and function.

I can tell you that Anna is extremely purry this evening and whilst we are stabilising her condition with intravenous fluid therapy we obviously need her to be contained in one of our “rooms” within Kitty Cottage however, once she is stabilised we plan to let her explore the surroundings of the home and safe garden of the rescue here @BCWR.

None of our cats LIVE in cages!

Anna will need medication for the rest of her life and specialist food and we really appreciate all the offers of help in supporting her care.