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Aslan’s Second Sight Saving Surgery

Our lovely ‘little’ big boy Aslan is getting a good night’s sleep at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary ready for his big day tomorrow.

Tomorrow he is having the second stage of his sight saving surgery to refine the correction on his eyelids that was done many weeks ago.

Entropion (inrolling of the eyelids) requires delicate and meticulous surgery removing a slither of skin around the eyelid to correct the lid position. If too much is taken though it can cause an ectropion which is not what we want and can cause further problems. Three little bears comes to mind, not too much, not too little, we want it just right.

Aslan’s eyelids were so severe when he first came in we expected two surgeries may be needed to fully resolve the problem.

Whilst his first surgery is pretty good and has helped him tremendously giving him back function and sight, we want to get them to the best they can be to minimize any future problems.

The medial area (eyelid area nearest his nose) is the main focus for tomorrow’s surgery.

‘We really hope for complete healing for our king’