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💚Today we entered into the 3rd coronavirus/ Covid-19 lockdown. Here at BCWR we are taking the Government’s structures very seriously and subsequent guidelines.

💙We have had an incomprehensible number of adoption enquiries over the last couple of days.

❤Due to current government guidelines, we are not currently processing any new adoption enquiries. If you have already submitted an enquiry, this will be processed in line with our current policy. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for updates around rehoming.

💚Whilst the rescue is running with a much reduced volunteer capacity due to sensible social distancing measures and shielding volunteers, we are still rescuing and rehabilitating cats and kittens deemed in most need.

💙During the 1st, 2nd and now 3rd lockdown we are running an EMERGENCY ONLY rescue service. This means that we can only rescue where there is a threat to life.

❤We will consider each referral on an individual basis. We will only pursue admitting a rescue cat if I feel confident in the risk assessment for myself, my team and the public involved, considerations to include PPE, biosecurity and movements to, from and around the rescue facility.

💚This is by no means a holiday and our much reduced BCWR volunteer team have never felt the strain quite as much as we are doing. Physically mental and financially we are struggling every day.

💙Most people who contact us fully understand the position we are in however a small minority don’t.

❤Please remember it is illegal to leave home without good reason. Popping out to find a kitten is NOT A GOOD REASON, nor is it essential or permitted movement either. Like everyone else rescues and vets are really feeling the strain.

💚Stay at home
💙Protect the NHS
❤Save lives