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You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that we have not been posting as often as usual on our social media platforms.

Here at BCWR we have been extremely busy and aside of the cats we have been dealing with a lot of personal and health difficulties too.

This post is by no means a “woe is me” but is indeed the reality of Rescue Life here at BCWR.

❤As a rescue we love, look after and treat every single cat as if they are our own pets.
When we lose one of the cats in our care, regardless of how long they have been with us … this leaves us with a huge hole in our heart and fills us with sadness.

In the last couple of weeks we have experienced a great deal of loss.

❤Rita -one of our elderly cats with hyperthyroidism and kidney disease lost her long battle.
She has been in the rescue exactly 8 months. She was quickly diagnosed with her health issues and commenced daily medication immediately. This, alongside 4 weekly blood tests for monitoring has given her an amazing quality of life with with her foster carers.
Unfortunately last week she took a dip and went on intravenous fluid therapy back at the rescue on our Critical Care Ward.
Unfortunately her condition deterioted and we were unable to alleviate her suffering.
We helped Rita and held her paw til the very end.
Thankyou to Rita’s amazing foster carers.

❤Henna was a new born kitten that was brought to us following being found alone and cold in BD4.
Henna had a huge lump on her head . Due to her age and size we were unable to investigate the lump … we nursed her for a few days then sadly and peacefully she passed away.
Following her death, for our own knowledge we had the lump investigated.
The lump was indeed a severe and fatal birth defect, her brain had developed outside her skull.

❤Many of you will have been following Betty Boops story.
We are very saddened that despite all our efforts, investigations, scans and above all … love, Betty passed away peacefully last Thursday.
She had been born with a nasty virus that attacked all her vital organs and caused oedema of her head. This in turn caused inter cranial pressure . The help we gave was simply too late.

💚Aside of a this sadness and dealing with our grief, the rescue and our lives continue regardless.

💚Lots of cats have been admitted, many being nursed around the clock, cats and kittens being adopted, lots of enquiries, vet appointments and day to day cleaning and feeding, managing a team of fosterers, drivers, and important admin too.

💚We are grieving, we are trying really hard to keep our head above water whilst doing everything else…….. and on top of all this we are striving to support each other too.

We are a small team of volunteers ..ALL VOLUNTEERS.
Within our team we have recently experienced a lot of personal adversity too.

❤One of our volunteers had daily health struggles, changing symptoms, multiple hospitals appointments almost daily and life changing functional issues.

❤Another volunteer has just had a cancer diagnosis- a total shock – but is so brave and doing well.

❤Another volunteer has had a completely life changing family social circumstance…. and their lives have been totally turned upside down.

❤Someone else’s Family Business has collapsed in the last month.

❤Mental health issues have become a daily struggle for many of our volunteers.

….. so I guess the message is ” we never know what is going on behind closed doors” so PLEASE always be kind.💚

We hope to catch up on our posts, news and photos over the next 24 hours. 😀