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BCWR’s Child Ambassador

Sometimes in the rescue world we hear of rescue policies preventing families with young children from adopting cats and kittens. Here at BCWR we believe that children can learn a lot from animals… And in return animals can offer a child so much.

Gabriel is 4 years old and like any other child he is an excitable live wire with lots of energy and character. Gabriel at his young age has the greatest respect for the 3 cats and dog that he lives with. His best friend is Shadow… His elderly companion cat. Shadow and Gabriel has a mutual understanding of love and respect. Shadow has a way of soothing Gabriel when he is upset or having a mini meltdown… And Gabriel is very responsive to this. Shadow tries to drink Gabriel’s milk 🥛 yet Gabriel already knows that cats must not drink milk and whispers to her ” sowwy bebby.. is mine”. How wonderful is sweet Gabriel.

We think he should be a child ambassador for BCWR… Don’t you agree?