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Because of YOU.

Thank you for being you and doing all that you do.

Today I want to celebrate our amazing team of volunteers…

They truly make the difference.

They are what makes the sun rise here every day at BCWR.

However big or however small their roles is… they make it happen.

From teachers, to council representatives, fire officers, to electricians, builders to nurses, IT technicians, police officers, care workers and Mums and students to vets… we are such an amazing and diverse team.

Please join me in thanking our team for all they do…. For being a part of the heart and joining the BCWR BIG CAT FAMILY.

“You might think that you don’t matter in this world, but because of you someone has found their soulmate.”

Someone brought their cats to us who has lost everything, their wife, their home, their health and their cats… yet today I was able to make them happy knowing they had all found their new homes, because of you. Because of you, someone can relax knowing their cat is being looked after and will continue to be looked after following her death.

Because of you someone who was struggling earlier today feels much better now.

And finally… .
4 legs
3 legs
2 legs
Even one leg….

Because of you, hundreds of lives have been touched, enriched, and improved.