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Bertie and Betty Update

Bertie and Betty have been with us just 8 days following an out of area welfare referral. We have spent the last 8 days building them up and improving their general wellbeing so that they can safely undergo anaesthesia for x-rays.

Unfortunately the results from the xrays are much more sinister than we first believed as whilst there is no pelvic or limb fractures the damage is all in the spine and central nervous system.

Whilst we can never know for certain the cause of these injuries we believe that they are non accidental injuries and injuries of this type are typical of a heavy “stomp”.

This means that the damage sustained is unlikely to repair and they will need intensive support throughout their lives to meet the 5 basic welfare needs and maintain a good quality of life.

Bertie and Betty cannot pee or poop unaided and to protect their delicate floof and boof areas they need to wear size 0 nappies.

These are really hard to source so if any one does see any in the supermarket please do consider picking some up for Bertie and Betty.