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Blitzen Update


What a difference a day makes!!!! 24 long hard hours.

Follow Blitzen’s story here to see how far he’s come!

Yesterday we were all shocked and appalled at the state this poor stray had been left in roaming the streets and fighting for survival.

Rotting flesh, ghastly odour and severely dehydrated, we never expected him to make it through the night.

Blitzen had emergency treatment last night and was nursed throught the night then reviewed by our vets this morning.

Following surgery today to remove 2 rotting teeth resulting in not only abscesses but also sepsis this handsome lad has begun to make a remarkable recovery.
The intensive care, nursing, intravenous fluid therapy, pain relief and antibiotics will continue over the next few days at least around the clock.

Volunteers will do their very best to give him the best chance of a full recovery.

Our vets believe that Blitzen has been left on the streets suffering for many weeks for this infection to reach the heights of almost fatal.

Btitzens vet bill already is hiking up, and that’s just in one day.

If you wish to donate towards his care please see our donations page – all donations are very gratefully received and go entirely into the care of Blitzen and all our cats and kittens.

Many thanks