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Bluebell Update

Well this little tinker has been with us 18 days and, honestly you would never believe the bones on her xrays actually belong to her.

When she arrived she could bearly breathe her flu was so bad, her left hind limb is so badly damaged…. every bone below her knee is shattered… but just look at her play.

She is starting to eat a little on her own however we are still providing nutritional support around the clock.

At last she does have eyes…. though we do not know what the full extent of damage there is to them.
In around 3 weeks time Bluebell will have further xrays and tests and the next stage of her care will be planned.

Whilst she has much improved and seems happy, she is far from out of the woods and ner prognosis is still very much guarded.

Please let us care for her… we will not be taking ANY adoption enquiries for Bluebell at this time.