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Bolton: New Arrival & Overnight Vet Trips

New arrival at BCWR yesterday, with a hectic evening and night just passed!
This is Bolton.
Bolton is an unneutered male who had been sat in a garden for the last two days unable to move.

Bolton was rushed to our vets at 6pm yesterday for emergency care.

It is believed that he has a broken left femur , possibly multiple other fractures including the pelvis and paralysis in his right hind limb too.
He was dehydrated and rather uncomfortable.

Bolton had pain relief, antibiotics, isoniazid intravenous fluids and will receive 1:1 intensive nursing and supportive care over the weekend until he is stable enough for xrays.

We were unsure at his arrival if he has a functional bladder.

Fun and games last night at BCWR.
Spent the evening with Bolton and the amazing staff at Abbey House Vets.
Spent some time waiting for Bolton to wake up before heading back to BCWR’S Critical Care Ward for the night 🥱

Around 4am finally Team Bolton we’re back from our little evening outing to Abbey House Vets ❤️ We were very tired and still lots to do!!
We will aim to do a full update on his adventures later today.