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Bolton Update

Bolton has been with us since Friday when we were called out to rescue him from a garden where he was found injured.

Before he could have general ananesthesia for xrays we have spent the weekend nursing him in intensive care on our Critical Care Ward.
Over the weekend we had an emergency situation with his bladder that was full of blood and clots which he was unable to pass.

An indwelling catheter was placed and left in place over the weekend.

Today Bolton was stable enough for xrays which revealed a horrendous fracture of the femur.
This will require surgery in the near future and we are unsure at this stage if this will result in a repair or an amputation.

Bolton has over come a huge clinical hurdle today. His Catheter was removed today and he has already passed urine himself

Bolton also has now got slight sensation and reflexs in all limbs which were absent on Friday, though he still has no use of either hind limbs.

Whilst Boltons injuries are very serious, his life is now not thought to be in danger.

Bolton has a very long road to recovery.
If you woukd like to donate towards his care all the ways you can help are on our Donate page:

Many thanks