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Bottle Mania! Kitten Food Appeal

As you may have seen over the last 72 hours my workload has greatly increased. Two days ago we welcomed 10, yes 10, kittens. This takes our total of dependent kittens without a mum to 14 kittens.

As the kittens are all 5 weeks and under we are still feeding them regularly with special formula however at this age we are starting to wean this lovely kindle of kittens!!

We are currently appealing for Kitten food:

  • 1st stage kitten food is rather pricey… its called Royal Canin Baby Cat Mousse.
  • 2nd stage kitten weaning food is Applaws kitten tins.
  • And the final stage is kitten food in jelly. Felix and supermarket brands are fantastic at stage three.

We are desperately appealing for all stages of food for our developing kittens.
Weaning is the most delicate stage of a kittens development and we only get one chance to get this right.
If you would like to support these 14 kittens nutritional needs please check out our wishlist on Amazon:

If you wish to see other ways to donate please visit see our Donate page: