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Bud, Blossom, Dandelion and Shoots

New arrivals @BCWR today.
This is Bud, Blossom, Dandelion and Shoots.
These 4 motherless kittens were found d in a popular dog walking area in Bradford, by a lady walking her own dog.
The kittens had clearly been abandoned as they were taped up in a box.
The kittens are less than 3 days old and their prognosis without their own mum is very guarded.
They are currently being fed every 45min – 1 hour …. and this will continue for the next few days until we can reduce the feeds to 2 hourly.
We do not advocate the practice of handing out orphaned kittens to poor mums who are already under such an enormous strain raising their own babies.
Not only is this unfair on mum it also carries a huge risk of cross infection.
Many feline diseases lie dormant for several weeks or months before symptoms present.
I’m saddened that any poor cat has to go through the trauma of conception, pregnancy and birth.
It goes without saying that we will in no way be discussing future adoption prospects about these kittens in the next 8 weeks.
We are only focusing on the next feed… which is due again in 20 mins!!!