Calendar Order Form

How to order a BCWR Calendar:

  1. Make a payment of £13 (£10 + £3 postage within the UK) per calendar required (e.g. £26 for two calendars) via one of these methods:
    1. PayPal:
      Please select the Friends and Family option so we are not charged a fee.
    2. Bank transfer:
      Acct Name: BCWR KITTENS
      Sort code: 77-71-62
      Acct number: 15692060
    3. Cheque made payable to BCWR KITTENS and sent in the post to:
      BCWR Calendar
      1 Ashbourne Avenue
      BD2 4AW
    4. Pay by Phone – Contact Katie on 07942822509 to arrange payment over the phone. Please remember we are a busy rescue run entirely by volunteers, so if you call can’t be answered right away please be patient with us.
  2. Once payment has been arranged please then complete the below form.

Thank you!