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CC Update: Playful & Happy

CC update!
How amazing is our CC doing?
No eyes.
Poor dental development.
Unable to eat due to her malformed tongue.
Being syringe fed every 2 – 3 hours .

Yet she is sweet, playful, happy, gaining lots of weight, now using a litter tray, climbing, chasing toys and a bundle of joy to look after .

We could not have got so far with CC without YOU, our supporters.

Every one who has donated to her care so far has helped buy the ROYAL CANIN RECOVERY LIQUID which is the only suitable and safe source of nutrition we can administer.

CC loves the different playmats that have been donated providing variable enrichment and entertainment.

In addition CC now has 18 sponsors each sponsoring £15 a month. £15 pays for one day of feed for her.

Today we were overjoyed and grateful to hear that our supporters and friends @ PROTECTAPET have also sponsored CC.

Colin and the team at PROTECTAPET are dedicated to keeping all our cats and kittens safe at the rescue. They were instrumental in helping us create our SENSE GARDEN, our safe outdoor space for all our cats especially those like CC with long term health problems and disabilities.

Please contact us if you would like sponsor CC.