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On the 7th September 2019 little CC arrived at BCWR weighing less than 500g – the ideal weight for a 4-5 week old kitten, and yet she was twice that age at 10 weeks old. As far as we are aware CC has never had eyes, her nose is deformed and her toes are irregular Try as we might she could not eat, put weight on or absorb nutrients. In light of the success of beautiful Boudicca, the intensive nursing care we gave her and the relentless support from our vets, we spoke to our team at Northcote. Together we went the extra mile with this fragile kitten. Our very amazing and skilled vets placed a tiny feeding tube that morning and we began nursing her around the clock in her socky body suit. We began, and still are, feeding her the very expensive Royal Canin Recovery liquid..This is exactly the same as Boudicca had. By the 11th September she had begun to slowly gain weight. We expect these feeds to continue via the tube for a further 3-4 weeks.

By the 19th September 2019 CC was continuing to progress and had begun learning how to play. We were able to increase the volume of CC’s feed which meant a longer gap between feeds and a little more rest for our Care Coordinator in between. This continues 24/7 including overnight in order to give her the best fighting chance. Her prognosis is still guarded but while she continues to do well we will keep supporting her.