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Chico’s Appeal


❤Sometimes as a rescue we are compelled to step out of the “ordinary” and do something extraordinary.

💜Here at BCWR we specialise in looking after cats with varying degrees of disabilities, some blind, deaf, neurological disorders  to name a few .

💚Recently our attention has been drawn to a little paralysed cat called Chico.

💙Chico is currently living in Dubai and is very much unwanted by her owners family and the “rescue ladies” in Dubai are working with the family to offer support until Chico can be relocated. Chicos owner simply wants to dump Chico on farmland and leave her to fend for herself which undoubtedly  will result in suffering.

🧡Whilst many people think that here in the UK we have so many cats that need rescuing why would we rescue from abroad?

❤Veterinary care and expertise in many countries is not as educated and advanced as that in the UK.

💜Often abroad, when an animal is unwell or suffering they can be simply left to suffer or inhumane methods of “euthanasia” are practiced.

💚Here at BCWR with the skills and expertise of our volunteers, vets and generous supporters we want to give Chico a life of luxury  at BCWR.

💙We hope that before the 1st of July we can raise £1000 to enable Chico to come to the UK, be brought to BCWR via “Sandy Paws” & will also ensure that when she reaches us all the appropriate  tests xrays & scans can be done to give us a clear clinical picture.

🧡In Chicos current environment she is not receiving the appropriate care, her 5  welfare needs are not being met & that she is at risk of abuse by dumping her on farmland.

🐾🐾Could you help us bring Chico to a place of sanctuary, safety and love 🐾🐾

Please see all the ways you can help on our donate page:

Please quote ” CHICO” on any payment references.

❤Many thanks❤