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Clarice Looking for her Forever Home

Here at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary we admit every single cat or kitten with the intention of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming.
We would never admit a new guest without doing our absolute best for them.
We always try to swiftly find the root cause of any illness or symptoms eliviate any pain and discomfort and aim to treat and restore to the best health possible.

When Clarice came to us she was terribly ill.
She was quickly assessed, warmed up and veterinary care initiated almost immediately.
We would never assume that a cat needs “end of life care” unless every avenue has been exhausted.
Keeping a poorly cat warm and giving them a cuddle and talking to them in soft tones is all well and good providing those caring for the cat know what they are dealing with and treatment by a vet has been initiated.

There are too many people out there allowing animals to suffer and then die needlessly because they choose to not seek professional advice.
3 weeks ago clarice was dying. In the last 3 weeks she has been restored to the best possible health.

She was initially warmed up as she was hypothermic, litetally frozen, she was put on intravenous fluids, because she was dehydrated, she was given strong pain relief and she had a series of blood tests which showed that generally speaking all her organs were functioning reasonably well. Since arriving with us she had almost doubled on weight, loves her food and bed and is such an affectionate girl.

If you could offer a loving indoor retirement home for Clarice and wish to be considered for adoption please complete an adoption enquiry form and quote Clarice.