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You may remember, earlier this week Clara who was found near the Sanctuary had an emergency ceaserian and she had one kitten that was successfully revived on delivery. We called her kitten Connie.

Unfortunately Clara had no milk and was not particularly maternal in the first 24 hours though she washed and tolerated Connie and kept her warm. We kept a very close eye on the relationship between Clara and Connie, but sadly things took a turn for the worse. It would seem that Clara wanted Connie to learn to swim at 2 days old and kept picking her up and dropping her in the water bowl!

Believing the first time may have been an accident we observed her and minutes later watched her attempt to do it again. Sadly we have had to entirely separate Connie from her mummy Clara and we are now taking care of all her needs and continue to feed her every hour around the clock.

Clara really isn’t showing any signs of distress and seems relieved that Connie has been removed permanently.