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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Precautions

Considering recent events regarding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), BCWR team would like to take the time out to assure our guests and visitors that we are taking an exceptionally proactive approach to ensuring your safety when accessing our rescue.

As a animal rescue establishment, hygiene and hand washing routines have always been dominant in our day to day running.

Today and tomorrow we are all hands on deck to give both the home of the rescue and Kitty Cottage- our rehoming centre an extreme deep clean. You may notice we appear slightly clinical for the time being!

We will be putting the following small but important extra measures in place as a precaution going forward:

1️⃣Our team and visitors are supplied with hand gel for use between hand washes…. this has always been the case.

2️⃣Cloths are not used for cleaning and, we will be using Kitchen Roll in place of any towels order to avoid any cross contamination between visitors and volunteers.

3️⃣Our cleaning schedule remains vigorous with appropriate animal health industrial Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal Mycobactericidal and Sporicidal cleaning products. We will be focusing on sanitising door handles, chairs, light switches and tables throughout the day EVERY DAY.

4️⃣Our visitors will only be offered drinks in disposable cups.

5️⃣We have removed our cushions and soft furnishings for now!

6️⃣Sugar pots have been removed and are replaced with Sachets.

7️⃣ We have taken a tough decision to stop visiting vulnerable groups at this time including therapy visits with Carrots to all establishments. No schools visits or community group visits will be done and volunteers will not be doing any visits on our Purrfect Companion partnerships… however we will be providing reassurance to all concerned and emergency support will be sought where required.

8️⃣ Hand gel is available to guests upon request.

We politely request that if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with a person who is infected, that you avoid entering BRADFORD CAT WATCH RESCUE.

If such symptoms occur in any of our team they will be self isolating for 14 days in accordance with Government advice.

We will be open at the weekends as normal however wait times may be longer due to extra hand hygiene protocols and restrictions in numbers.

If you need anything during this time please contact us. Please help us help everyone to stay safe.

Thank you