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Considering recent events regarding the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), BCWR team would like to take the time out to assure our guests and visitors that we are taking an exceptionally proactive approach to ensuring your safety when accessing our rescue.

As a animal rescue establishment, hygiene and hand washing routines have always been dominant in our day to day running.

In light of updated advice from the government and NHS, we are making some key changes to how we operate on a weekend.

We will still be open for adoptions, and this will be run by appointment only. To make an appointment, contact the rescue on 07942822509

Please allow enough time for your visit. This may take slightly longer than usual due to increased hygiene protocols.

There will only be one family at a time allowed on the rescue site.

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to open the tearoom or the home of the rescue for social visitors who are not looking to adopt.

This is to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our volunteers and visitors.

We politely request that if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with a person who is infected, that you avoid entering BRADFORD CAT WATCH RESCUE.

If such symptoms occur in any of our team they will be self isolating for 14 days in accordance with Government advice.

In addition we have cancelled all our social and fund raising events, however we hope to plan these later in the year.

Thankyou for your continued support at this very difficult time.
Lots of love from