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Coronavirus Update

In light of the new restrictions in relation to minimising the spread of cononavirus I have taken some guidance for clarification from the government.

I have just received an email from DEFRA regarding rehoming, visitors and volunteers.
“The rehoming of rescue animals is not affected by the local restrictions and staff and volunteers can go about their usual duties as normal in order to secure the animals welfare and provide a safe and effective rescue and rehoming service.

In the interests of public health and safety our guidance suggests that footfall through the premises is kept to a minimum and includes visitors as well as staff/volunteers”.

If you have an appointment booked with the rescue this Saturday the appointment will go ahead as planned.

Please call 07942822509 on arrival and we will come out to you and talk you through our expectations.

Only one adult member of the family can visit and must be wearing a face covering and gloves and observe all social distance measures in place.

We will not be open for any other visitors this weekend and we are entirely closed to visitors this Sunday.

As always we will await further guidance from the government.

We are currently running with minimal volunteers, so please bear with us.