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Could You Adopt From BCWR?

❤️❤️❤️Who remembers little poorly Muffin….. well here she is now all settled and happy in her new home…..❤️❤️❤️

Could you adopt a cat or kitten from BCWR ??

Here at BCWR we pride ourselves not only in the love care our cats receive but also in finding fantastic homes for all of our cats and kittens.
We are happy to answer any questions you might have before deciding whether or not to adopt a cat or kitten…… and also at any point after an adoption too.

Here are some questions we are sometimes asked.

💚Q: Can I adopt a cat if I work full time?

Yes. Most cats will spend over three quarters of their day asleep. We would expect you to provide a stimulating environmental with indoor access/ shelter for your cat whilst you are out at work.

💚Q: What if I live in a flat or near a very busy main road?

We would ask you to adopt a cat which is not used to going outside or which has shown a marked preference for staying indoors. We would not normally consider as suitable, a cat which has been allowed to roam freely, although we may revise this for cats with certain medical conditions which make them vulnerable or a threat to other cats.

💚Q: Have the cats had any medical or preventive care whilst at BCWR?

Yes. Included in the adoption all cats are neutered, adult cats will already be neutered however, kittens will be neutered at 5 months old and the cost of this is included in the adoption donation.
All cats and kittens are health checked by our vet, and normally have had at least their 1st vaccination, micro-chipped, treated for worms and treated for fleas. We also check their teeth and have any necessary dental work undertaken. If the cat is suffering from any other condition we will treat this. In some cases we will rehome the cat with appropriate medication, in other cases the cat will stay with us until the treatment is completed. We will tell you about any treatment that the cat has had.

💚Q: Do I have to pay for the cat?

Yes. We charge a minimum donation to help offset some of our veterinary costs. Our current minimum donation scales are £75 for kittens and £45 for adult cats.

The minimum donation requested is less than it costs us, and significantly less than it would cost you if you were to take the cat to the vet yourself to have the same treatment done independently. We appreciate any additional donation you are able to make over and above the minimum requested.

💚Q. How long do cats live?

Cats life spans vary. A cat will often live in excess of 20 years.
As an adopter we expect the cat will be loved and looked after by you for the cats entire life and that you will ensure they have annual boosters, you will seek veterinary care when required and ensure you can afford to meet all their needs.
Cats can and will adapt to house moves, new baby or Auntie Susan coming to stay.
A cat is for life not just as a novelty.

❤️❤️❤️If after reading this you think you could offer a cat or kitten a wonderful home for the rest of their life please complete the adoption enquiry form by clicking the link below ❤️❤️❤️