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Cuba’s Sponsored Walk!

Have you ever run a marathon?
No, me neither…
But Cuba, this afternoon has done his own mini Marathon and walked a whole 15 metres!!!!
Let’s not forget that Cuba has:

  • 4 broken legs
  • A damaged tail
  • Dental injuries
  • And only had surgery 10 days ago… this really is a big deal for him.

Over the last week we have been massaging his limbs to reduce swelling, encouraging him to WALK ( not run) small distances of 1 to 2 metres several times a day and of course giving him lots of pain relief, love and TLC.

We now know that that Cubas injuries were indeed caused over a period of weeks by deliberate abuse.

We want to thank the brave girl girl who brought him to us, a place of safety where he can get help .

Thankyou so so much to everyone who sponsored Cuba to do his walk and we really hope you are delighted as we are to see his progress.