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Cuba’s Sponsored Walk

❤Cuba was callously dumped out side the rescue in a box at 2am and was found just before 7am by the dustbin men who alerted us to the cat.

🧡Over the following hours Cubas injuries were unveiled and were simply catastrophic.
4 broken legs, a severely damaged tail and dental injuries .

💙On Friday Cuba had major surgery in an attempt to fix his most severely broken leg.
It was discovered that these injuries were indeed sustained 2 to 3 weeks prior to being dumped at the rescue.

💚Cuba has been really well supported and received lots of donations towards his care and already we have raised 75% of the cost of his 1st op.

❤Thankyou to everyone who has already donated.

🧡Cubas recovery is already going well and next Sunday we are working towards Cuba doing a sponsored walk, walking the full length of our “Kitty Cottage” accommodation facility TWICE.

💙This is inline with Cubas physiotherapy rehabilitation programme.

💜If you you’d like to sponsor Cuba just £1 is a massive help.

🐾His training is going well already.

⛔Please do not write CUBA in a PayPal reference. ⛔
Please see the Donate page for how you can help x