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Cyril Update

Cyril Update
Old Cyril has been with us now for 3 days following a traumatic few weeks.

On the 5th of March he escaped a house fire in Bradford and sadly lost his owner.
Cyril wandered the streets and made himself at home in a comfy sofa that had been dumped on the street where he lived.

Cyril had significant burns and injuries and a neighbour contacted the RSPCA.
The RSPCA came out, rescued Cyril and arranged a triage appointment at the vets.
In the meantime the RSPCA contacted us to see of we could help Cyril.

When he arrived with us he was emaciated, full of crawling fleas, severely dehydrated and had lots of wounds.

Since arriving with us Cyril has improved ever so slightly, his weight has increases by 230g, his coat is becoming healthier and his wounds are looking better too.

We are using a special barrier spray on his raw skin to prevent further infection, and Cyril remains on intravenous fluid therapy.

Cyril also has a cracked tooth which probably happened when he made his escaped from the house fire. At some point Cyril will hopefully need surgery to remove that painful tooth.

In the meantime Cyril is eating chicken and Royal Canin recovery mousse which is not only soft for his sore mouth but also contains all the calories and nutrients he needs to recover.

Next week Cyril will be going for blood tests to assess his overall health.