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This is Cyril.
It is believed Cyrils owner died on the 12th March.
At the time we were contacted by Incommunities re housing Cyril and we offered a place to him.
Cyril disappeared and never arrived with us.

Today we were contacted by the RSPCA as little old Cyril had got out of the property and made a comfy bed in a discarded sofa outside.
Unbeknown to anyone that Cyril was inside, it is believed that youths set alight the sofa- and Cyril was injured.
Cyril was initially taken to the vets by the RSPCA to be assessed and then contacted us to see if we would be willing to help.
Cyril is now on intravenous fluid therapy and is back at the rescue.
Aside of dehydration, burns and malnutrition it is believed little old Cyril may have other health complications.