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Dixie Update

Dixie is our first Hermaphrodite. He has spent the day in the vets having exploratory surgery to fathom what exactly his physical make up is.

We have defined Dixie as gender neutral. Whilst Dixies external genitalia is female, internally it is almost certainly male. Two oddly formed structures which we believe are testicles were removed from the inguinal canal. The tissue removed has been sent of for analysis.

Hermaphrodite, or intersex, cats do not frequently occur and, if they do, they are often tortoiseshell, so Dixie is one of the more unusual cats to be found. Each case with hermaphroditic cats is different and unique, so Dixie will have regular checks with our vet to plan future care and ensure that s/he remains healthy. Despite his uniqueness this make him no less lovable, and soon we hope he will be available for his special home.