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Dusty and Freddie

This is Dusty and Freddie.

They are now almost 3 years old.

This beautiful pair were homed through ourselves as young kittens however the adoption placement broke down due severe mental health illness through the pandemic, resulting in the owner going into a care and rehabilitation facility.

Dusty and Freddie both have Cerebellar Hypoplasia however Freddies is very mild whereas Dustys is far more noticeable.

Here’s what their volunteer fosterers say about them…

❤Dusty and Freddie are really charming siblings full of character and fun.

Freddie is the leader and Dusty is happy to follow. He’s confident and friendly and she’s a bit more timid but very affectionate.

She’s less coordinated than him but they both suprise you every day with how adaptable they are.

They can get on high furniture and windowsills with a bit of trial and error.

They always use there litter trays and share feeding bowls.

They have a lot of energy but are great at entertaining themselves with toys, tents and bags!!❤

If you think you could offer Freddie and Dusty a forever, safe indoor home please complete the pre adoption enquiry form by clicking the link below and quoting Dusty and Freddie.

We believe that they would be best rehomed without other cats and dogs.