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Emergency Arrival: Mini & Maxi

New Emergency arrivals at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary this morning.
We received a call this morning from distressed feeder of a young stray cat whom she named Mini.
She has been feeding the kitten for several weeks, took to vets in this time to be scanned for a chip. The local Vets said she was pregnant but healthy so to put back on the streets!!

The feeder made shelter and looked after her the best she could.
On Monday contractions began then stopped by Tuesday, last night the feeder believes that she was in established labour and that the waters had broken.

She gave birth to one deceased kitten over night and when the feeder went and checked on her the had produced no more kittens however was in distress and a kitten appeared to be stuck in the vulva.

We advised that the kitten was taken immediately to the vets as could be life threatening for mum. Unfortunately the feeding family were not in a position to deal with the vets etc however were happy to bring her here.

Immediately on admission we knew this was a life and death medical emergency and she was rushed to the vets and they performed an emergency caesarean there and then.

Unfortunately there were 2 deceased kittens inside her, and both of them were rotting and smelt dreadful.
One kitten who we have called Maxi has survived though does have a very guarded prognosis.
Mini and Maxi are now back at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary.
Mini is currently on intravenous fluids and is being cared for in one of our Intensive care units on our Critical Care Ward.
The emergency Caesarean cost around £750.

If you would like to donate towards the vet care for Mini and Maxi there are several ways you can do this all on our donate page:

Many thanks