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Fondant and Royale

New arrivals at BCWR.

❤Please read on to understand why we are not taking any adoption enquiries for this pair at this time.❤

This is mum and son Fondant and Royale.
They came from a very much loving family but unfortunately they were not in a position to care for their complex needs.

It is believed that mum, Fondant is blind, possibly deaf and cannot be in the house for long periods due to allergies in the household.

Her little kitten Royale sustained an unknown injury when he was around 4 weeks which has left his hind limbs paralysed. Royale is also believed to have sight and hearing issues too.

Royale will undergo a period of assessment and tests later this week including radiographs on Thursday and Fondant will also be assessed.

If you wish to donate to their upcoming vet care all the ways you can help are on our website below or in the linktree in our bio:

Many thanks