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We are becoming aware of an increase in cats falling ill with a rare condition called pancytopenia. The issue has been identified by The Royal Veterinary College London and they are currently leading investigations in to the rise in cases.

🚨A product recall has been issued as a precautionary measure by the manufacturer of some dry cat food ranges, whilst further investigations are carried out.

🚨Full details of the recalled diets can be found here:

🚨If you feed one of these diets we would advise you to stop feeding it immediately, and to contact the shop that you purchased it from.

🚨Pancytopenia is a reduction in the levels of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Clinical signs include lethargy, a high temperature, pale gums, blood in the urine or faeces (faeces will usually be dark or black). Small areas of bruising to the skin or gums may also be seen. If you notice any of these signs please contact your vet immediately.

🚨If you think your cat may have been affected please ask your vet to complete this questionnaire:

More information: