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Getting COVID Tested

In these difficult days, weeks and months ahead we have choice.. choice to do the right thing or the choice to do exactly what we want. As a rescue we are focusing on what we CAN do rather than what we can’t.
A couple of days ago at the rescue we were lucky enough to encounter the amazing team from Bradford council carrying out doorstep Covid testing.
Kat and Nikodo were so personable, answered our questions and put us at ease, and a credit to Bradford Council.
They were lucky to meet some of our SENSE Cats, and Carrots really impressed them.! “Carrots slapped a fly!! He has no eyes and he slapped a fly woooah” said Nikodi.
Oh we laughed so much.

Myself and most of our neighbours all had a COVID 19 test and thankfully today we all got our negative results.
Please if you are offered a test please please do it. So many infected people are asymptomatic and spreading the virus unknowingly.
Think about what YOU CAN DO.
Together we can beat this lets reduce the Tiers and in turn… reduce our Tears too!!