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Halloween Safety

Keep Sweets and Chocolate Away from Pets.

With bowls of sweets dotted about, and packets of sweets left strewn around, it is very easy for your pets to gobble down something they shouldn’t. It is up to you to make sure your pets don’t ingest any chocolate or sweets intended for trick-or-treaters.

Chocolate is poisonous to pets, particularly cats, and sweets containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can be deadly. If you suspect that your pet has ingested sweets or chocolate, get them to a vet immediately. Remember, keep sweets and chocolates hidden in a cupboard.

Keep Larger Pets Inside.

Whilst guinea pigs and rabbits will be safe in their hutches tucked into a dark corner of the garden, dogs who usually patrol the garden, and cats, should be kept inside. As terrible as it sounds, there have been tales of nasty trick-or-treaters who have terrorised pets who were simply mooching around their garden. Although this shouldn’t be the world we live in, keep your free-roaming pets inside for peace of mind.

Keep Pets Away from the Front Door.

Any animals in the home should be confined to a specific room whilst festivities take place. It eliminates any accidental consumption and will help keep pets who are easily stressed or anxious as calm as possible. Excitable children at the front door tends to send cats barmy with fear!

Keep a Special Eye on Your Black Cat. Sadly, those who own black cats will better off keeping them inside on Halloween. Due to their connotations with witchcraft and subsequently, Halloween, black cats have been the subject of much taunting and terrorising on Halloween. Whilst most will just run to the safety of their homes, some black cats have become the target of some terrible actions and, therefore, keep your midnight moggie indoors until the festivities are over.

Keep Pumpkins Out of Pets’ Reach. Whilst pumpkins aren’t toxic, pets that devour too much behind their owners backs can suffer from terrible gastrointestinal upset. It might be a long Halloween night if you spend most of it in the garden whilst your pet expels their pumpkin binge. Furthermore, if they chow down on piece that are too big, they could also cause an intestinal blockage. To be on the safe side, keep pumpkins out of reach of pets or keep a very vigilant eye on your cat .

Don’t Dress Your Pets Up. Whilst we all agree that seeing  your cat as a pumpkin can be funny, chances are your pet isn’t loving their costume quite as much. Whilst some pets have been known to feel like the centre of attention if they are dressed-up, many pets find it very distressing. To be on the safe side, it is just easier to let your pet lounge about in their birthday suit for Halloween.

Furthermore, some pet costumes have parts that can be accidentally pulled off and swallowed by pets. This can cause choking or tummy issues.

Monitor Decorations and Fire Hazards
If you like to decorate your home for Halloween, make sure all wires and decorations are pet-proofed. Make sure your pets cannot reach things or tug at electrical wires. Furthermore, candles (including those inside pumpkins) should ideally be replaced by flame-less electric candles to ensure the safety of your pets.