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Hawkins Update

When Hawkins arrived with us he was very much a different cat to who you see here now.
He was very much misunderstood, mid interpreted and we were misinformed of his true clinical presentation.
Hawkins is now looking for his forever family.
He is around 5years old and would suit a quiet home..
Here is a little more information from his fosterer who has grown to know and understand Hawkins.

“Sweet boy Hawkins has come on amazingly since he landed with me, we’ve gone from bites and hissing to head bumps and funny wheezy purrs. We don’t know what his previous life looked like, or why his back legs are fancy like they are, but I know his confidence will only grow with a new home.
He can walk fine but does better on a textile surface, and can jump with no problem. Sometimes he staggers a bit like he’s drunk and he sits in the funniest ways.
At the moment he prefers to sit in his safe corner, but will welcome you in for strokes and brushes. Throw some ham around though and you’ll see his kooky walk.
He’s such a chilled boy and he will flourish with a little bit of extra care”.

If you are interested in adopting Hawkins and can offer a loving indoor home please send a text quoting “Hawkins” to Charlotte, our rehoming volunteer, on 07794612390, giving your full name, postcode and contact number. Charlotte will get in touch with you in due course.