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Hooti Update

Hooti has been with us exactly 14 days following having his tail and leg squished by a refuse collection wagon at a depot in Bradford.

Hooti has suffered catastrophic injuries as he has fractured both major leg bones … the tibia and fibula…. however is lucky to be alive as 5week old kitten vs Truck wouldn’t usually conclude in a positive outcome.

Despite his injuries Hooti remains in good spirits and loves his playtime.
Hooti has just had his leg re -dressd and stabilised… and he is all ready for the Leeds vs Brighton match tomorrow.

Please please do remember Hooti has a long road of recovery ahead of him.
We cannot respond to any adoption enquiries at this time.

Hooti’s needs are high, cost of care, nutrition and bandages are expensive … and at the moment the Covid-19 restrictions are really putting pressure on us.

Much reduced volunteers, no fundraising events, no adoptions…. and this week flipping snow and ice… we are really feeling the pressure.
If you want to help Hooti and his other many friends in the rescue please see our Donate page