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Hope for Beacon Emergency Appeal

Today we had an initial consultation with specialists at Paragon Referrals in Wakefield.

Beacon has been with us for 35 days following being found in BD7 alone with no mum or siblings.

Since his arrival he has had endless bowel complications, several enemas under anesthetic and he is only around 9 weeks now.

It would seem that Beacon cannot eliminate poop himself. Whilst we do not know the reason for this there are four likely causes.

1. That there is a Blockage in the anus or rectum.

2. That there is nerve damage similar to Hirschsprung’s disease in humans.

3. A birth defect.

4. Injury to the pelvic canal.

Before a resolution can be found we need to find out exactly what is causing this problem.

Beacons veterinary care has already cost us just over £1000 and in a bid to find the cause and save his life we have committed to further investigations on Monday with the specialists at Paragon and we expect this visit alone to cost £1500.

As a rescue Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary strives to save lives.

If you would like to donate to Beacons investigations all the ways you can help are on our website:

Many thanks