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Humpty Dumpty Update

We are often asked how get cats through the worst of conditions, illnesses and circumstances and I can honestly say, aside of the amazing veterinary support we received through Northcote Veterinary Surgery the other fundamental element of their recovery is simply NUTRITION.

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary WHOLEHEARTEDLY believes that one of the main attributes to our little miracles is the appropriate and highly nutritious food that we offer all the cats in our care. Humpty Dumpty was born very premature with no fur, no suckle reflex, no facial features and skin like tissue paper. Miraculously with around the clock care he was the only surviving kitten from his litter.

Over the following months he came on in leaps and bounds however would only eat chicken. Weeks later Humpty Dumpty had what we believe was a haemorrhagic stroke followed by another weeks later he became so immobile, unable to even toilet himself or hold his head up.

He was on intravenous fluids for a week and we rapidly increased his nutritional intake. Within days Humpty Dumpty made a massive recovery.

It’s now four weeks since Humpty Dumpty was on intravenous fluids and I can honestly say I have never seen him so mobile, happy, playful and content. Throughout a 24 hour period Humpty Dumpty is syringed a full bottle of Royal Canin Recovery Liquid EVERY DAY.

This costs us just over £10 a day but worth every penny to see him living his best life.
(it can be bought slightly cheaper elsewhere too)