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Introducing Flora (Day 1 of our Advent Adventure)

Uh ohhhh Elfin’ around @ Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary Today is day one of our Advent Adventure…. and look who has landed… one of Santas Elves…. Flora Elf!!

Flora has actually been Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary for almost 10 weeks… hiding in the wings and training really hard to be a good Elf.

Flora is 20 weeks old and is perfect in “most” ways…. still a little learning to do.

Flora is now a part of the Sanctuary and volunteers here EVERYDAY.

Please Note:
Flora did not come to us through the rescue (as we are NOT AND NEVER WILL BE a dog rescue) … she was a victim of tragic circumstances, and we initially felt we could help her as an emergency measure and offer her comfort, safety and love… however Flora is so happy and settled … it looks like she is here to stay

Her best friend is Dijon and her weekly treat is a sausage at ACW Garden Centre and likes to visit Idle Coffee lounge too.