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Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack

This is Jack (Sparrow).
Jack is 9 years old and recently his owner passed away.
We were contacted by Minster Vets in York to see if we could help him .
They had tried many rescues closer to home however… due to his age and the fact that he has several issues including an absent eye and failing sight in the other eye due to glaucoma which we expect will require enucliation at some point … they were finding Jack hard to place.
Two of our volunteers drove to Minster Vets in York yesterday teatime to pick him up.
Following in a period of assessment we hope that Jack will be able to enjoy our Therapeutic Sensory Garden.

Jack Sparrow Update.
Over a week ago one eyed Jack Sparrow arrived with us from a vets in York.
When Jack came to us we already had the knowledge that Jack would need major surgery to remove his only eye due to very painful glaucoma.

This decision was not taken lightly however to maintain quality and function in his littke life we, along side the vets decided that this was the only option.
A very generous vet, supporter… but above all “friend” of BCWR very favourably offered to help with Jack’s surgery and this was done today.
Jack is now back at the rescue, recovering well, has had his supper and Carrots is offering a paw of friendship and support this evening… cats are truly amazing.