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❄️Just another Winter’s Tale❄️

Its day 18 of Winter Watch and Winter has had quite an adventure today and subsequently a bad hair day due to all the ultrasound gel used on her head.

She has been examined by ultrasonographer and medical specialist vet (I’m sure he has a fancy title 😂) Roger Wilkinson and had her head and liver scanned.

The scan was really interesting and as her fontanelle hasn’t quite closed properly we were able to see the brain and that there is no excess fluid on the brain.

A liver shunt was a possible cause for her seizures however on the scan Winters liver looks perfect so this have been very quickly ruled out.
Infection / toxoplasmosis / meningitis was another possibility however when we discussed her full clinical presentation and her recovery journey so far this also is unlikely.

It would seem that the most likely and root cause of Winters problems going back 18+ days ago is indeed abuse. Not only abuse but abuse then left out in the cold and wet conditions to die.

This would explain her limb injuries, swollen Head, hypothermia, hypoglycaemia and anaemia on arrival. This little girl really was a breath from death when she arrived.

Because she had to have all her tummy and chest clipped for the scan we have made Winter a little sock frock to keep her cozy and warm for a few days.

The biggest problem we are dealing with right now is her seizures due to brain damage and together we have decided to trial her on some antiseizure medication.

Winter is now back in intensive care at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary and we will be monitoring her even more closely as she starts her new medication.