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Kitten Food Appeal

Here at BCWR we are currently looking after 51 nursing and pregnant mums and their kittens.

We feed all our cats and kittens on a quality and appropriate diet.

Our kitten food stocks are somewhat depleated and we are desperately  appealing for kitten food, both pouches and dry biscuits.

We feed our nursing and pregnant mums and their kittens the following foods:

🧡 Kitten Pouches in Jelly.  Any supermarket  brands are fine and also Felix .

We tend not to feed our cats Whiskers.

🧡 Hills Science Plan Kitten Biscuits

🧡 Royal Canin Kitten Biscuits

🧡 Purina One Kitten Biscuits (available from most supermarkets)

Food can be dropped off at the rescue by prior arrangement or we will be available this Sunday 4th July between 2pm and 4pm.

You can also arrange to have to food delivered anytime either through Amazon , other suppliers or a supermarket delivery (morning slots are always preferred).

We do have an Amazon Wishlist too.

Our address is Bradford Cat Watch Rescue

1 Ashbourne Ave, Bradford BD2 4AW

Many thanks for your support.