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Launching Therapaws


Last month we launched Therapaws !!!

Therapaws is a new and unique Animal Assisted Intervention through Bradford Cat Watch Rescue and Sanctuary working in non clinical environments.

This week we launched Therapaws at The Glen Nursing Home in Baildon and visited many residents.

It was like Carrots had never had a day away from his important role and both staff and residents enjoyed the visit.

There are so many benefits of animal assisted intervention therapy for the older community, including:

Improved communication.

Improved ability to reminisce.

Many people who are unresponsive to other forms of therapy tend to feel livelier and chat more with and about their pets.

Animals can help seniors improve their motor skills though touch.

Pet therapy is by no means a new concept. The benefits of the human-cat bond has been documented for centuries, yet the relationship between a patient and a therapy cat seems to extend way beyond simple companionship. There are also emotional, physical, and mental benefits.

Emotionally, cats can provide each individual with companionship, as well as:

Increased self-esteem since the aging find that they can care for a pet and the animal enjoys spending time with them

A sense of gentleness and caring since animals are known to be instinctive nurturers, especially to ailing humans.

Increased social interaction with other pet owners and patients

Pet therapy for depression and decreased anxiety works by the patient forming a bond with a pet

Reduced loneliness by spending time with and caring for a pet

The Physical Benefits of Pet Therapy include:

Increased mobility from petting, and brushing the cat.

Lowered blood pressure and a reduction in depression, stress, and anxiety from the non-judgmental and gentle nature of the relationship

Pet therapy also provides several incredible benefits to patients, such as:

Mental stimulation through contact with the volunteers and by comparing the therapy pets to other pets provoking memories, experiences and thoughts.

Thank you so much for the lovely gifts and donations that Carrots will share with his friends .

Carrots and Friends will be visiting The Glen again in a few weeks time.

❤️Carrots sees with his heart❤️

❤️❤️❤️Love is blind❤️❤️❤️