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Masks at BCWR

The wearing of masks at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary

The number of covid infection has risen significantly in the past few weeks.
We are also entering the winter virus season too!

We accept that covid is now endemic in the population.

At the rescue we require everyone to wear a mask at all times unless seated in the Sanctuary View area when you are eating or drinking.

Covid and other viruses are spread by droplets that require movement to spread from one host to another. This spread is greatly reduced by the wearing of masks when moving around the rescue or among other groups of people.

We repsectfully request that you consider the health and safety of the volunteers at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary by adhering to our internal policies and procedures.

..whilst there are no government mandates in place regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing, our premises are ” private” and these are the policies we have in place for the benefit of all visitors, volunteers, professional partners and our cats and kittens.