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Meadow Update

Just look at our bleach baby Meadow. Meadow has been at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary now for over 7 weeks and due to the extensive damage to her throat and mouth from being bathed in bleach, Meadow has not been able to eat since her arrival. If we attempt to feed her orally this causes severe inflamation irritation and pain.

Meadow also had widespread extensive burns throughout her body and fighting infection is a constant battle.

Meadow has had various feeding tubes and unfortunately she is struggling to understand that it is not a little toy!!

Today she had a slightly larger oesophageol feeding tube surgically fitted. On a day to day basis Meadow is a very happy and playful kitten and we are able to provide all her nutritional needs via the tube.

Meadow is having one full bottle of royal canin recovery liquid per 24 hours, we are feeding her every 2-3 hours and is literally keeping her alive.

In the photos below you can see how far she has come.