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Meadow Update

Every night Meadow and I have bedtime snuggles after her supper feed.

Meadow has been with us now 61 days following being bathed in bleach which her previous owners believed would kill the fleas she was infested with.. instead thd bleach nearly killed her.

61 days later and the damage to Meadows mouth and throat is still so severe that she still cannot eat.

Critical care volunteers are feeding Meadow every 4 hours through an oesophageol tube which was surgically placed as a medium / long term solution to provide vital nutrition to Meadow, in the hope that one day she may be well enough to eat by herself.

Otherwise Meadow is thriving, her wounds have finally healed on her face, body and legs and she is an absolute bundle of joy, mischief and fun.

Meadow us currently consuming 1 bottle of Recovery liquid every day and this volume is increasing daily.