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Midnight and Moonlight Update

You may remember Midnight and Moonlight, our beautiful black girlie sisters who gave birth to 12 kittens between them here at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary 3 days apart.

The kittens are now 4 weeks old. Sadly in the first 2 weeks one of the little kittens the teeny tiny and weaker one died. The 11 remaining kittens are absolutely thriving and running rings around their mum and auntie and Jenna our amazing foster carer.

Midnight and Moonlight are co-parenting all the kittens, regardless of who belongs to who. It would seem that Midnight is taking the responsibility far more seriously than Moonlight, who would rather be clubbing and off to bingo whilst Midnight babysits then ALL!

These kittens have a long way to go and are not currently being considered for adoption.