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Milo arrived to BCWR on last week. He was a stray living in Leeds and went back to his usual feeders a few days ago and they knew something wasn’t right. Milo spent a couple of days in the emergency vets having xrays, pain relief and was monitored closely.

It is highly likely that Milo was involved in a near fatal road accident that left him with 5 major fractures and multiple other fractures all around his pelvis area possibly 9+ in total.

In the first few days with us Milo’s care exceeded £900 which his finders are paying for however Milo then needed specialist Orthopaedic surgery to be given a chance of survival.

The surgery would involve hours of intricate work in which surgeons will place screws from the ilial wing of the pelvis into the sacrum – this is more challenging on the side which has a fracture to the sacral bone.

They would also place a pin across the the wings of the pelvis above the spine to hold the 2 halves of the pelvis in the correct position to allow the multiple fractures at the back end to heal without leading to narrowing of the pelvic canal.

On Monday morning we took a leap of faith as Milo so desperately needs his Orthopaedic surgery to stabilise his pelvis. We left Milo in the very capable hands of Leeds Veterinary Centre for this incredible intricate surgery. The surgery in short involved lots of screws and pins through the pelvis at various points which will be fixed to his spine / sacrum.

So Monday was a long day for Mechano Milo!

Milo had been in Leeds Veterinary Centre all day having his very fractured pelvis surgically repaired. Whilst the surgery was successful in the end, it proved very stressful for all concerned throughout.

The plan was to secure the pelvis into a position in which it could effectively heal however at one of the points the bone had shattered and was therefore not possible to tap the pin in.

James who did the surgery was clinically creative and found another way to secure the pelvis by pinning/ screwing it to the spine. Xrays were taken and all seemed great.

It was a very long procedure, over 3 hours under general anaesthetic. Unfortunately in recovery Milo had a rare anaesthetic complication, crashed(!), stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating.

The amazing team recognised this immediately and successfully resuscitated him.

Milo is still quite sleepy when he was back at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary and has did enjoy a little supper.
Milo’s procedures cost £2833.

If you would like to donate towards our Mending Milo Fund here is how you can help all the ways you can help are on our donate page 💚