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Muffin Update: Leaving the ICU

It’s exactly 28 days since little Muffin arrived with us. She was so emaciated, dehydrated hypothermic and anaemic.. day by day, little by little she has improved.

She had a feeding tube in place for 7 days. She could not even regulate her own body temperature and we even purchased a veterinary intensive care unit (costing £1500) as she was terribly ill.

We genuinely believe that without the impulsive purchase of the ICU… Muffin would not have survived. Initially she was tube fed, been on intravenous fluids and has had 1:1 care literally 24/7.

Now Muffin has left the intensive care unit and is now in our Transitional Care Facility and will continue to be monitored around the clock I case there is a change in her condition.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported Muffin so far and helped us purchase the lifesaving Intensive Care Unit.