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Nemo Update

🩵Nemo update🩵
Just 16 days after Hero Nemo was left fighting for his life, he has amazingly been given a clean bill of health.

Today he had his remaining stitches removed, and started his big boy Vaccination programme.
Its taken a lot of people to get Nemo well.

First and firemost our amazing volunteers who acted quickly to save Nemo, the team at Abbey House Vets were fantastic and wLso worked fast to save his life, and of course our fabulous team at Northcote Veterinary Surgery who kept a close eye on Nemo following his discharge from Abbey House.

Nemo is NOT currently ready for adoption and enquiries for him at this time will not be considered.
Nemo needs just a little longer with us to recover from the emotional trauma.

In the photo you can see Nemo trying out the “sleepy pod” that has been kindly donated from Ginger Cat Crafts for our intensive care patients. 🩵